Thursday, November 19, 2009

Alexander of Macedonia

We etch and we etch so that none will forget
betting against the wind that ours is the bet

But what lasted the vigil of the night alone-
Pompeii, Atlantis, Petra or Babylon?

Way-laid in our well-known ways
we again ask why man strays?

The rational mind stretching and flexing itself
like the boat stretched to the edge of the shelf

The money, the splendor or the ways royal
the glory, the beauty and the friends loyal

None outlasted time, the treachorous foe
and all asunder did the winds blow

Thursday, January 31, 2008

Blogger's Block

I have never been under the illusion that I have a regular flow of regular readers. But I was recently shocked to find that I have been suffering from a mental block that has kept me away from any kind of writing for 6 months!!

And the block doesn't limit itself to blogging :(

I have been unable to write poetry or plays...and my room-mate tells me my skills in conversation have descended to the ground floor


I never realised this! So a new resolution for now

A new post every week

no make it 15 days

hmmm....make it a month


Friday, March 30, 2007

The guardian's call

<------ The symbol Of Zurvan, the persian god of time and space

This pic in some weird way inspired me to write the following short story titled "The guardian's call"....progress at your own discretion!! It has lots of sci-fi stereotypes and weird notions...I hope its a rewarding experience for you as a reader

Of course, I hadn’t always been like this. I was once a scientist, one of the guardians of all scientific knowledge at the National Research Foundation. It was an organization so secret that very few individuals at the top echelons of the Council knew about us. I was a senior member of a project team. Our project was code-named Mission “Zurvan”. Zurvan was the ancient god of one of the civilizations near the now-dry river Euphrates. Now that I think of it, it was called Persia. Zurvan was considered the god of infinite time, space and fate. The name was suggested by one of my colleagues- Dr. Zafar who had descended from Iranian grandparents and had an avid interest in the dusty volumes of the Historypedia House down on Arwit Street.

My apologies for straying from the topic I started off with, namely, me! My name is Dr. Marvin, or in old protocol, Alfred P Marvin. I was a part of the team that was developing the theoretical model for a time travel module. We tried to develop a machine that would be able to propagate at speeds faster than light so that a human being can travel in time. Of course, this depended on the authenticity of the postulate that a vehicle traveling faster than light would actually be faster than time itself since time is measured as an electro-magnetic wave too. We developed a model and it, slowly, took the shape of a working prototype. The whole setup gave the look of one those old motion-presentations from Hollywood. I remember my grandfather showing me one of the oldest of these. It was called “Back to the Future”. It was a fascinating fairy tale in a cozy town like one of those old ‘photographs’. I have never seen houses that small ever. I wish I could see such towns. Here, in the NRF headquarters, the team wished to conduct the preliminary test of the vehicle. We took one of the lab ratizards (a clone created back somewhere around 2034 from rats and lizards which allowed scientists to test for both reptile and mammalian properties). It realized that this was the day is for fulfilling its small period of existence. It looked at all of us with its golden eyes and a look which could be simply read as ‘farewell’. We placed it on the seat of the vehicle and then started the vehicle remotely. It whirred, lifted itself from the ground and was illuminated by a golden light being emitted by the layer covering it. Zafar whispered to me, “Something is not right…I have a foreboding of approaching doom for the pitiable creature”. The chief pushed the button for the FTL boosters attached to the body and the vehicle shot down the launch tunnel. It soon became just a glimmer of light and disappeared.

“Watch out!!” Zafar shouted. I looked around just in time to get out of the way. The vehicle’s body appeared, all of a sudden, around the place where I stood just seconds ago. It looked fine except a few burnt belts around the overhead canopy. We opened the cover to find the remains of the poor animal strewn all around the ‘cockpit’. “We sentenced it to death!” I sputtered. The weight of its death lay heavy on me.

The chief was not happy with the initial tests. Two more ratizards were sacrificed for Science. The chief made the whole team work around the clock to fine-tune the design to a point that the machine could be made fully functional. The name ‘killer truck’ did its rounds in the lab. The junior assistants used it for the vehicle. But it didn’t sound funny to all of us. We tried to check the drive crystals for an faultlines in their structure but to no avail. Zafar started getting superstitious, “We are crossing our limits. The lord Zurvan holds the keys to time. He would never allow us to go through the gates of time! He guards that door.” I tried to reason with him but he shut himself up in his cabin. But, to his credit, he came up with the alterations that were needed for the machine to work. The chief was happy for once and the tests were arranged. This time, the Ratizard was absolutely fine when the vehicle reappeared. The creature was then tested with the heart and brain scanners down in the Bio-Lab. It appeared to be fully fit and normal. The chief devised a schedule for the testing phase. We would start with higher mammals and then a human test in two months’ time. We prepared an advert for the news-scan.

The Chief was briefing all of us,” as all of you would understand, the Council cannot allow us to test the vehicle on any civilians because of the corresponding human-rights and legal issues. I would like one of you to volunteer for the test. After all, the last chimp was found to have had no side-effects, whatsoever, caused by the journey. I need the volunteer’s letter of Acceptance on my desk by 1200 Hrs tomorrow”. I couldn’t stop thinking about the opportunity while I traveled back to my flat by the night-craft. The whirring of the nuclear thrusters was silenced by the noise of my thoughts “Why not? Haven’t you always dreamt of going through time? Wasn’t your Grand-pa proud of you when you received your Doctorate in Tachyonic Physics from e-Stanford? You don’t have any family left…no friends whatsoever…just jump in!!” The chief got my letter as soon as he reached his desk.

The suit was stifling. It was hot in there. I looked at Zafar’s face. He smiled and nodded at me. The chief was saying, “…the pride of our organization. Dr. Marvin is going to be the first human being to travel through the time fiber…He would be pioneering the greatest breakthrough Science has ever made.” He went on; it was tough to hear him through all the layers of the thermal suit. I looked in direction of the ‘killer truck’. Maybe Zurvan wasn’t that angry at us. I crossed my fingers inside the thick fiber. I slowly walked towards glory. Eternal or not, it was glorious, in my eyes, to walk into that cramped space. Zafar buckled me into the seat, “My best wishes, my friend…Allah-Khair!”

It didn’t feel fast when the craft started moving. I saw a plethora of colors; there were streaks of pink and gold crossing across the glass of the overhead canopy and some dots of red and blue in between. If this is time-travel, then this is surely going to be popular back in the world. Hmm…that’s funny! “Back” in the world! “Back” to the future. The vehicle was programmed to travel a 100 years back in time and then come back to the ‘now’ when I pushed the big red button. It was, currently, going at the velocity of light back in the time axis.

It came to a sudden stop. It was dark outside. I opened the canopy to find myself in a stretch that looked strangely familiar. I took off the helmet to let some air hit my face. The atmosphere looked as dead as the sky and the stars. There were no stars at all in the sky. This was strange, considering that there was no light anywhere around me. I lighted my Cesium rod and looked around. I got out and looked around the vehicle for any damage. There were pieces of crystal below it. I took a few pieces and was horrified to find that these were the pieces of the fuel rods that had been shattered somehow on my way here. Now, there was no way of getting back unless……unless I find the NRF Centre head quarters. After all, fuel rods had been around for more than a hundred years and of course, the NRF had been established 203 years ago by the then council chief, Gillo Le Guin. I looked around. There was no shape whatsoever. I realized that this could as well be a place indoor as I had no signs of a sky above me. I shouted, “Hello”. My voice sounded dead-pan to my ears. My senses signaled erratically. I felt that there was no one, nothing around me.

I started walking. I walked in a straight line but it could as well have been a circle. I was left as blind as a bat. There was no light, no sound, no air. My watch had stopped functioning when I took off. But I felt I had been walking for days, maybe even months. A realization dawned upon me. I was nowhere. An infinite plain stretched before me. Maybe this was the guardian’s revenge for daring to cross paths with him. Strangely I had lost all sensation of existence, the pain, hunger, thirst, sadness had left me. All that I was left with was Logic. I sat down. I started considering the chain of events that landed me here. I tried to reason it out.

It has been long since that ‘day’. I cannot tell you anything in terms of time because I had jumped out of its loop that day. It would have been years on Earth to the day I ‘disappeared’. From what I gather of it, I traveled with a velocity equal to that of light but so did the world with respect to my frame. So, in a sense, the world traveled ahead in time. It traveled ahead of me. Now I am out of Time’s domain. I do not age, I do not feel, I exist. I am eternity itself on this dark plain left by the Universe’s shift. I am Zurvan because I have won over Time and Space. But, where art thy Keys, O time?


Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Glittering in the sky...
The day I finally die...
My boat cast off...
The shores furthest off...

The seas calling out...
No shadow of a doubt...
Characters, magic, tools of spring...
Angels, Demons, spread your wings...

Glistening silver, gold and jewels...
Fought over, gory fights and duels...
Blood spilt over the ages...
Annals covering pages and pages...

It all ends the same way...
maybe its in happiness or in dismay...
the plagues, beheadings and infest...
Was it tragic or just God's jest?

Death, the leveller, the grim reaper

I have tried to break almost all the rules of poetry i don't know whether this would even qualify as poetry. But I like it and so thought I'd share it with the reader.

The adventures of the rabid ghosts and the gandhians

All it all began when the faculty block offices got these cool benches that were laid out in the gardens in front of them. I suppose they had some ideas about giving the students 'a platform to share knowledge and expand their horizons' plus it made for good meeting places for the faculty themselves the midst of nature in the form of some neem trees and thorny bushes. So, there was another accessory added to the cool campus environs...looked pretty good actually. But, after a few days, things went horribly wrong. As Prof. Aditi Nath Sarkar tells me, whenever, the faculty arrived at their offices in the mornings, they found the benches scattered all over the grounds. And, thus, was born the legend of the "Neem Ghost". One guard, actually, claims that this ghost was in the form of a dog and had bitten him once. Now, maybe that was an effect of some alcoholic liquid but of course, in a dry state, its all hush-hush(I wonder if he went to a doctor for Rabies vaccine thereafter). So, the nocturnal activities of the ghost continued for some time undaunted by anything...or anyone, for that matter. But, then came Prof. Tridip Suhrud with his motley crew of Gandhi enthusiasts. This was actually the group of students who had opted for the course 'Gandhian Thought'. And, now, Prof. Suhrud hates to teach in closed auditoriums (maybe he feels suffocated 'in those dark dungeons') So, out come the Gandhians and roam around for a place. Then, a sudden spark and they all gather under the Neem tree on all the benches in a circle. Maybe the ghost respected Gandhi too much or he liked the lectures or he hated them...whatever the reasons, ever since that day, there have been no incidents accredited to the apparition in that area. Of course, some students claim that they were administered sleeping pills by the ghost and, thus, forced to miss the pop quiz next morning. These cases are yet to be investigated but until then, one more paranormal case solved!! Hail Gandhigiri!!

For any problems with ghosts/poltergeists/your irritating neighbors/your ex-girlfriend who's stalking you, you may need an exorcism. Contact your friendly neighbourhood Gandhian.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

7 used to be my lucky number

Prateek has done me the great favor (@#%$&*@~) of tagging me once all of you would be forced to read things you probably would not wish to read!! Anyways, the brave ones can jog ahead--

(A) 7 things I want to do before I die:

1. Fly a jet plane(preferably a Stealth or a Mirage)
2. Make a great Scientific discovery which lasts for ages
3. Go to New Zealand and bungee-jump from a balloon
4. Write an awesome Fiction book...probably a fantasy!
5. Watch a Manchester United v/s Arsenal match at Old Trafford.
6. Visit all of the world's most beautiful palaces.
7. Wanna be able to break all speed records in running.

(B) 7 things I can do:

1. Write a script for a play (hey i have references too!)
2. Get admission into IIM Ahmedabad(well i think so :P)
3. Swim for as long as i wish.
4. Debate with anyone.
5. Read a novel continuously for 24 hours.
6. Watch any movie twice!
7. Manage a project without actually doing anything myself (See...that qualifies me for MBA :P)

(C) 7 things I say the most:

1. Waaaaaahhhhh
2. LOL!!!
3. Mujhse padhai nahi ho rahi...:(
4. Kya Baat hai!
5. Get a Life!
6. You kinda look like.....
7. I guess what we have to do is---

(D) 7 things I can't do:

1. Control my anger! (Seriously keep away when i am angry)
2. Stop a song from playing inside my's like there is a jukebox in there playing all my favorites
3. Stop myself from whistling when I am alone
4. Abuse anyone (Can't even call names)
5. Stop myself from pulling everyone's legs :P
6. Any thing that is related to cooking except making tea/coffee and noodles.
7. Unable to stay angry at anyone even if its the other side's fault (kinda ironic)

(E) 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:

1. Eyes- big and innocent
2. Long hair
3. Goofiness
4. Pouting whenever I make her angry!
5. Bibliophile
6. Smiling for no reason at all
7. Adventurism

(F) 7 Celebrity crushes:

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Sushmita Sen
3. Alicia Silverstone
4. Maria Sharapova
5. Sonali Bendre
6. Cobie Smulders
7. Keira Knightley

(G) 7 people I want to tag: (includes People who dont have a blog)

1. Umang
2. Richa
3. Siddharth Joshi
4. Poojan
5. Aatish
6. Vishwas
7. Divey

Huff......that was hard work!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Tagged !! :(

Seems I have been "tagged" and I have to share 10 things about me that people don't know!

Lets start!! hmmm....

1- I took part in Britannia Quiz semi-finals (North Zone) and was beaten by a beauty from Shimla

2- I was very shy of the stage in my school days and once had forgot my lines in the middle of a performance at our School Founder's Day.

3- I hate coding which i am forced to do because i m in an ICT course

4- I wasn't good at debates or declamations in my school

5- I scored rank 1 in each exam from Nursery to class 8

6- I actually liked Kalpesh Kapoor's subject(Discrete Mathematics) which was booed off by all in my batch

7- I am really bad at choosing clothes for myself!

8- I am very very short tempered! :P

9- I have contemplated about politics as my future career

10- I detest frogs...hate them..they are the most disgusting creatures in the universe!!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Definitely a random noise!

Impressed by prateek's blog on Turing Test( )...I thought i should also try out the bot chat programs there i was Chatting with "Catty"- a simulation bot which searches the net for the words you use in your sentences and accordingly replies ( here is an account of our conversation!

Me: hi! my name is Ishan
Cat: My name is Fanda Stejskal.

Me: oh! nice...where are you from?
Cat: Where are you from?: Ida, Michigan, U.S.A.

Me: must be cold there!
Cat: Each insisted that the boat must be named, also, each demanded the right to supply the name.

Me: But where did the boat come up in the conversation?
Cat: There is even a way that one can feel like a participant in the conversation.

Me: hey!
Cat: What I liked most about NEARER MY GOD is that it felt like a relaxed and lengthy conversation with a friend.

Me: That was so incoherent!
Cat: Our Website is not intended to contain any information that is confidential, infringes the intellectual property rights of others, or is obscene, pornographic, libelous, defamatory, threatening or otherwise unlawful.

Cat: Don't post or transmit material that is confidential to you or a third party.

Me: hey wait a minute!
Cat: You wait a minute for Bayne to finish his cheese.

Me: what are you talking about?
Cat: We're talking with the - wait, it's now - it's officially past midnight, so it's your birthday.

Me: oh...didn't realise its my birthday!! birthday is on 7th April...not today!
Cat: HAppy BIRTHDAY Mr. biggrin. gif Singh?

Me: it isn't my birthday today
Cat: His birthday is on October 1, 1979, and his hobbies include appreciating music and being with friends.

Me: Whose birthday?
Cat: Happy birthday G.

Me: arre what the hell!
Cat: Excuse me but....: lol WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!??!?!

Me: precisely what I meant!!
Cat: Or more precisely: Successful representations of reality become more important than the reality they represent.

ME: hmmmm...guess so!
Cat: THE GUESS WHO ON THE WEB: The domain name www. theguesswho. com is under construction, so keep your eye out for it.

Me: ok..thnx for telling about that let us discuss something more important
Cat: It's more important to read to your child.

Me: i don't have a child!
Cat: Do you have a parent living in the household?

Me: yes..I do!
Cat: Who says you have to be insane to hear voices in your head?

Me: I guess that sums up your behaviour
Cat: His behaviour is both civilized and savage.

Me: who are you yapping about?
Cat: Make note of all that you experience so that you may write about it at the completion of the exercise.

Me: OK !! i'll definitely write this on my blog
Cat: James He definitely did that with this release!

Me: ???
Cat: Uhhh... sure.

Me: huh?
Cat: Peter I would definitely say we are not a Rap/Metal band and that we are quite unique with our melodies and harmonies combined with the harsh strength of pure metal!

Me: ya sure...lets dance @#$%@
Cat: Listed below are links to weblogs that reference 'But they sure do know how to point fingers.' from Alarming News.

Me: where is the list?
Cat: Roche recently announced it wouldn't take any more ADAP-eligible patients into its charity Fuzeon program in states where the ADAP isn't covering the drug or has put limits on how many patients get it.

ME: that was what we were talking about!
Cat: Take the What animal best portrays your sexual appetite??

Me: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!
Cat: The Brummie quartet return with this, their fifth album proper and, lets face it you already know pretty much what this albums going to sound like.

Me: I haven't even heard of the group
Cat: Boucher has had a break from the heavy duty of the Test series.

Me: Hey...finally something i know...but you know what? boucher deserves a rest after the spectacular match with 860 runs scored in a day
Cat: And yes, it will be out for the Neo Geo, and I'm sure that the gameplay will be something like the style of KOF...

Me: what are those?
Cat: And it just talks about, you know, like persevering through something terrible that happened and showing how she gets through it.

Me: i think i know how that feels!! you are torturing me
Cat: How do you prepare for the upcoming year?

Me: by living this year properly
Cat: Did you know that you lived before you were born on earth?

Me: yes...I read something of the kind in Shrimadbhagavadgita
Cat: Anyway, you've looked at the title of this episode recap and you're probably telling yourself that it has something to do with the mammary quotient on display in tonight's episode.

Me: HOLY #@$#!!! I was talking about the Gita, Dumb Bot!!!!
Cat: Is it possible that those who have expressed reservations about private Bills and suggested that we should wait for national legislation have a point?

Me: I don't know!
Cat: Sometimes the simple words are the bestablished you know?

Me: I know that...look at the professors in my college
Cat: How do YOU know that I don't know the truth?

Me: I was just guessing!
Cat: Find a site that you don't want in your search results?

Me: for god's sake
Cat: Do you not know what the Scripture says of Elijah, how he appeals to God against Israel?

Me: man...i am feeling sick!
Cat: I had an absolutely wonderful euphoric feeling.

Me: yes you sure did! You sadist piece of computerised crap!
Cat: Do you have any information on this, It made sense to me but I've not heard any more about it?

Me: go to wikipedia and search about it
Cat: Perhaps they need some one to register with various search engines?

Me: no they don't require any such thing
Cat: If your users require simple access to their existing email accounts then look no further than MailStart.

Me: I am leaving
Cat: Stefan nodded once more before leaving.

Me: Thank stefan on my behalf!! And goodbye!
Cat: As they were leaving the shop, the boy ran up to them.

You: Not again
Cat: Thanks again for your help and leadership in the St.